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How to Woo a Woman

how to woo a woman

How To Woo A Women – Being The Bad Boy

It seems that when guys are going after woman they can be classified into two distinct groups, these are the nice guys and the bad guys. This is a very extreme way of looking at things, making men think that they have to make some huge decison with serious repurcussions, like choosing between the Jedi and Dark Side, good and bad, black and white.


What about the in between ground? If you fall into the category of a nice guy, defined as one who typically has his girl on a pedestal and allows them to get away with everything – then you must stop allowing them to keep doing this.

If you are one of the bad guys – defined as one who treats women like yesterday’s trash, you are not better off then the good guy. How do we find a compromise? Is there a compromise that will show a good proportion of both the bad and good guy?  Yes, we can find it and learn it, and at the same time allowing yourself to be exactly you!

Seven proven strategies for wooing women by embracing your “inner bad boy”…..

 1. Surprise Her.

There is nothing better than a surprise and girls love these. Keep them on their toes will always add to the excitement level.

You have to do this and get out of the normal.For example, giving her the “power fist” when she is anticipating a simple a handshake.

Or walk up and challenge her to a go at thumb wars. As you’re having a great conversation, say you’ve gotta leave. This all goes a long ways towards making her heart flutter, and making YOU more attractive–without being a complete dooschbag.

 2. Always Do The Unexpected. -How to Woo a Woman

The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.

The nice guy  is always do what they’re SUPPOSED to do or trained to do. They say hello, ask sincerely how a girl is, stare in bewilderment when she states she is a model. Does that sound BORING? – it sure does. You have to find and release your inner bad boy by doing things you’re NOT accustomed to doing.

Most importantly you have to show her you are fun to be with, show her you’re fearless: flirt shamelessly, grin at any sexual comments or innuendos and also tease blatantly. You will not come across as a complete jerk – doing these things will present you as a guy who’s confident – you can get away with stuff that is beyond “the norm”. Girls always have a desire to not know what to expect, so do the unexpected!

 3. Be The Rebel.Be irresistible to women

It is human nature to instinctively rebel at obscurity or ordinariness.

This does not mean you have to break the law, but demonstrate that you simply do not play by the rules. This will show her that you are fun. So what if there are people watching! Give her a big kiss in the middle of the street. So what if boardwalk is closed?

Take her for a romantic midnight stroll Who cares if the speed limit is 50? Drive her at 75 and watch her scream in delight. You don’t have to be a complete nerd to show a girl a fun time. Think out of the box at all times and beyond whats normal.

 4. Get physical.

If you’re not already at a gym or into martial arts, now is the time. Girls love a guy who can kick butt. It’s the part of the bad boy that makes them feel safe and secure. So get to work on your body–nothing says irresistible like a man in shape who can kick some butt.

 5. Make her feel safe.

Show her your confidence, your self-assuredness by taking her hand, walking on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street, and never backing down from any situation. That’s not a license to get into fights, just to make her feel protected.

 6. Tease.

It’s fun to tease people about where fiction and life intersect.

This is a strategy you can’t go wrong with. Bad boys never let a girl get away with unacceptable behavior. If she’s talking like she’s the greatest person ever, they’ll joke, “Man, if this lady’s ego gets any bigger we’re all gonna have to evacuate!” If she says she’s a model, say something to the effect of, “Oh yeah? Is that it?” And show her your value by saying, “Listen, I’m afraid I’m not gonna be able to stay around. Your mouth is destroying my ear drums.” In other words, don’t be afraid to joke around and put her in her place!

7. Develop attitude.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

I just can’t emphasize enough how crucial having a winning, confident attitude is. You don’t care what others say. You don’t care what others think. No matter how a woman reacts, it just blows right over you. That’s because you’re always in control. No woman—whether beautiful, popular, or rich—has power over you. You don’t need anyone, you’re not dependent on anyone, and you don’t have to cling to anyone. If she thinks she’s too good for you, you get right up and move to the next girl, because you’re a catch and you know it!

Remember, you don’t have to be a complete bad guy to woo a woman. Just embrace the winning characteristics of bad boys, and you’ll be lining up women left and right!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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